the Artist

Josh Ronen (formerly Josh Phillips) is a Chicago native who, after attending the Berklee College of Music, moved to his adopted and current home of Nashville, Tennessee. He has been called a modern throwback: a Pop/Singer-songwriter with a refined ear for the nuances of both composition and performance. He grew up listening to the classics of Bob Dylan and James Taylor, while also embracing the more modern sounds of artists like John Mayer. Their influence can be heard throughout his music, combining the best of both old and new into a unique, refreshing sound.

Josh’s frequent writing partner—and award winning country music writer—Joie Scott acclaims Josh as an, “unquestionably inspirational,” and “rare talent.”

After moving to his second-home of Nashville, Tennessee in 2014 Josh began writing and recording his debut EP, “New Beginnings,” with producer David Browning (whose past projects include work with Katy Perry, among others). This six-track debut, released in June of 2015, is a collection of reflections on Josh’s transformational, real-life experiences, each uniquely crafted into a story of captivating relatability. The EP is a distinctive creation, enchanting listeners with a carefully developed balance between melodic gentleness and emotional poignancy. says ,“Phillips (Josh Ronen) is a solid professional who wants to entertain his audience – he succeeds and then some.” says, “This is the full package…” “Josh Phillips (Josh Ronen) sports a movie star’s good looks, youth to burn, a strong sense of self-promotion, and legitimate musical skill.”

Josh’s youthful, refreshing style has been featured in performances at many Nashville music landmarks, including both the Bluebird and Listening Room Cafés. When he is not collaborating with the award-winning Miss Joie Scott, Josh can be found writing and recording with a number of other stand-out Nashville-based songwriters and performers, including American Idol star Matt Giraud, renowned bass player Gary Lunn, and renowned drummer Shannon Forrest.

Josh’s lyrics, “have an insight and sensitivity far beyond his years,” and his, “melodies are hypnotizing.” He has been described as, “one of the premier songwriters on the Nashville scene.” Following the release of “New Beginnings,” Josh has performed in the Midwest and Northeast of the country to share his work with new audiences, while continuing work on his first full length Album.

Josh Phillips